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Gorgeous Wedding Photography on the Gold Coast

When you hire me, you're ensuring that every part of your day is captured - nothing slips through the cracks!

Wedding Photo

Take It Easy - I Got You!

I am a photographer that will help you relax on your big day. It may not sound like much now, but trust me - the last thing you want is some anal retentive mole bossing you around when you're trying to enjoy yourself!

My photography style is adaptive and limitless - which allows me to mold to what you need from me. You want portraits all day? You got it. You want more candid stuff - perfect. 

Keep it chilled, keep it fun. It makes a world of difference!

Let's face it - wedding photo and film can be pricey. But when you take into account what you receive in return, the investment is something you will never regret, as opposed to asking Aunty Cheryl to take some snaps on her new mirrorless camera that she has no idea how to use...

In saying this, I always strive to keep my pricing competitive.

Check out my new 2024 pricing below...

25% Deposit

Don't fret!

You don't need to pay everything upfront. I'm pretty chilled with taking payments, as long as everything is received in total two weeks before your event. 

All you need to do to lock in your date is sign your contract, and make a 25% non refundable deposit.

That's it. Because why complicate it? 


From The First Eyelash, To The Last Dance...

My wedding photography packages ensure you have optimal coverage for your entire day. Spread it out, add more, take some off... The choice is yours!

Your Wedding -
Your Way

Ready to book? Click the button below - or read on for more info...

Weddings are really where I create my best work! Every moment, even the ones between the moments, are captured when you hire me.

My goal is to put you at ease throughout your day, and my style is very much chilled when it needs to be - and 'no fucking around' when it's called for! I'm never above a laugh with my couples, and I think it's always super important to take time for yourselves on your big day. I'm not going to be jamming the camera in your face 24/7, it's not what I do. There is a time and a place for the posing and the portraits, but it shouldn't last all bloody day! After all, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

So if I sound like a bit of you, you love to laugh and make a dick of yourself, you want to have FUN on your wedding day (and get some fucking amazing photo + film in the process)... You know what to do!

Why Choose Me
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